Celtics-76ers Trade?

IMG_0949.PNGThe Celtics are seriously considering trading the No.1 pick in next weeks NBA Draft to the Philadelphia 76ers, ESPN reported Friday.

A follow up report from The Vertical said the Celtics would  get Philadelphia’s No.3 overall pick in this years draft plus a future first rounder, among other picks.

Rumors have been floating around about movement at the top of the draft as the Lakers are supposedly considering trading down with Sacramento for the No.5 and No.10 , but while that is big news, this one may be bigger.

The Top 3 prospects in the NBA Draft are as follows according to ESPN’s Chad Ford: Washington’s Markelle Fultz, UCLA’s Lonzo Ball and Kansas’ Josh Jackson

Article by:Daylan Rappley


Dubs in 5.

IMG_0865Many people know not to bet against Lebron James, and having said that many people in this years NBA Finals didn’t bet against him and the Cavs. Yes, there are many factors that one would think the Cavs would win. The stat that really caught my eye was a basic offensive and defense efficiency. The Cavs are one of the slowest teams on the NBA. They also were one of the worst Defensive teams, as we all  saw in the month of March.  Not only were the Dubs the best offensive team, they were one of the best defensive teams as well. This was the tiebreaker for me. I saw the Warriors winning this one in 5 Games. Daylan Rappley had Dubs in 5, Robert Poore had Dubs in 5. I would say we told you so….. but we did tell you so.

Author: Graeme Simpson  @SQNBA


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Week 13 Results for Top 25(Rivalry Week Recap)

#1 Alabama vs. #13 Auburn-Alabama 30, Auburn 12

#2 Ohio State vs. #3 Michigan- Ohio State 30, Michigan 27

#4 Clemson vs. South Carolina- Clemson 56, South Carolina 7

#5 Washington vs. #23 Washington State- Washington 45, Washington State 17

#6 Wisconsin vs. Minnesota- Wisconsin 31, Minnesota 17

#7 Penn State vs. Michigan State- Penn State 45, Michigan State 12

#8 Oklahoma BYE

#9 Colorado vs. #22 Utah- Colorado 27, Utah 22

#10 Oklahoma State BYE

#11 Louisville vs. Kentucky- Kentucky 41, Louisville 38

#12 USC vs. Notre Dame- USC 45, Notre Dame 27

#14 Florida State vs. #15 Florida- Florida State 31, Florida 13

#16 Nebraska vs. Iowa- Iowa 40, Nebraska 10

#17 Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt- Vanderbilt 45, Tennessee 34

#18 West Virginia vs. Iowa State- West Virginia 49, Iowa State 19

#19 Boise State vs. Air Force- Air Force 27, Boise State 20

#20 Houston vs. Memphis- Memphis 48, Houston 44

#21 Western Michigan vs. Toledo- Western Michigan 55, Toledo 35

#24 Stanford vs. Rice- Stanford 41, Rice 17

#25 Navy vs. SMU- Navy 75, SMU 31

Author: Phillip Byrd @sportsquartersCFB


Top 25 Preview

After Michigan’s controversial loss to Ohio State in 2-OT it is most likely Michigan is out of the top 4. Penn State could shake things up with a win in the Big 10 championship game against Wisconsin. Washington needs to put in a lasting impression on the Play-off Committee to be in the top 4. Just in case. We have put together yet another top 25. Check it out!

  1. Alabama  12-0
  2. Ohio State 11-1
  3. Clemson 11-1
  4. Washington 11-1
  5. Penn State 10-2
  6. Michigan 10-2
  7. USC 9-3
  8. Wisconsin 10-2
  9. Oklahoma 9-2
  10. Colorado 10-2
  11. Oklahoma State 9-2
  12. Florida State 9-3
  13. West Virginia 9-2
  14. Western Michigan 12-0
  15. Stanford 9-3
  16. Florida 8-3
  17. Auburn 8-4
  18. Louisville 9-3
  19. Navy 9-2
  20. Virginia Tech 9-3
  21. Iowa 8-4
  22. LSU 7-4
  23. South Florida 10-2
  24. Nebraska 9-3
  25. Pittsburgh 8-4

Author: Graeme Simpson @sportsquartersCFB

CFB Rankings Previews week 13

Not too many upsets but, Louisville got blown out at Houston and West Virginia got blown out by Oklahoma. Michigan State almost pulled off a huge upset against the 2nd ranked Buckeyes. The head liner for the big 12 would be Kansas defeating Texas for the first time since 1938. Players of Texas are threatening to boycott the game against TCU because of the speculation about his job security. Once again this week we have put together our own top 25 for ri-val-ry week.

  1. Alabama
  2. Ohio State
  3. Michigan
  4. Clemson
  5. Washington
  6. Wisconsin
  7. Oklahoma
  8. Penn State
  9. Colorado
  10. USC
  11. Oklahoma State
  12. Florida
  13. Louisville
  14. Western Michigan
  15. Auburn
  16. Houston
  17. Florida State
  18. West Virginia
  19. Boise State
  20.  Texas A&M
  21. Tennessee
  22. Utah
  23. LSU
  24. Washington State
  25. Wyoming

Author: Graeme Simpson @sportsquartersCFB

NFL in Mexico City

NFL in Mexico City

The Houston Texans and Oakland Raiders will go at it Monday night at 8:30 on ESPN. The location of this game in in Mexico City, Mexico. The game has been traveling quite a lot this year. The league has held 3 games in London and they will hold a game in Mexico for the first time since 2005. This is the 9th ever NFL game played in Mexico. The Raiders are 63.3 percent favorites. Both back-up running backs for Houston are out. I would expect for Lamar Miller have a good-if-not-great first half. Expect him to die out near the end of the game. Both Latavius Murray and Amari Cooper are listed questionable for the Raiders. I would expect for this to be a low scoring affair but, a great way to expand the to a great sporting country like Mexico.

Author: Graeme Simpson @sportsquartersNFL

Clemson Clinches Atlantic Division


Clemson clinches the Atlantic Division with a 35-13 win over Wake Forest Deshaun Watson with 202 passing yards and 1 touchdown and 161 yards on the ground with 2 touchdowns.The Tigers have one more game which is vs South Carolina before heading to Charlotte vs either North Carolina or Virginia Tech.The Tigers have a 95.5 percent chance to win vs the Gamecocks .

Author: Daylan Rappley @sportsquartersACC