Odell Beckham’s Contract


The main question Giants fans are asking is, what is going on with Odell Beckham Jr. Reports say that Odell has not shown up for any of the Giants OTA workouts and prefers to workout on his own. But could this be contract relatable? To be honest, it probably is. Odell is wanting to replace his rookie contract with one that increases his income. Stats show Obj. is the 45th highest paid wide receiver in the league. But Beckham still has two years left on his contract, which is scheduled to pay him $1.7 million this season and more than $8 million in 2018 after the Giants picked up his fifth year option earlier this offseason. The highest paid wide receiver in 2017 is the Steelers Antonio Brown. Earning $17 million every year for four years. Odell’s contract is garbage compared to Antonio’s. But when you look at Odell’s performance last season and how many drops he had you can see why he isn’t getting paid as much as the explosive Antonio Brown. That’s why I think Odell is not showing up for OTA is contract related.

Phillip Byrd-SportsQuarters