Best NBA team of all time

imageHere at SportsQuarters we are doing a tournament to see who the best NBA team of all time is using NBA 2k17. We have the 95-96 Bulls vs 00-01 Lakers, 85-86 Celtics vs 16-17 Warriors, 90-91 Lakers vs 16-17 Spurs, 88-89 Pistons vs 76-77 76ers, 90-91 Bulls vs 97-98 Bulls, 70-71 Bucks vs 71-72 Lakers, 86-87 Lakers vs 92-93 Bulls, and the 93-94 Rockets vs 64-65 Celtics.

In round 1 the 95-96 Bulls win in six. The 64-65 Celtics win in five games. The 71 Bucks win in four. The 89 Pistons win in five. The 17 Warriors swept the 86 Celtics. The 87 Lakers win in six. The 91 Bulls win in six and the Spurs win in six games.

In round two we have the 96 Bulls vs the 65 Celtics, 89 Pistons vs 71 Bucks, 87 Lakers vs 17 Warriors, and the 91 Bulls vs the 17 Spurs

The results from round two are the 65 Celtics beating the 96 Bulls in five games, the 71 Bucks sweeping the 89 Pistons, that 17 Warriors beating the 87 Lakers in five and the 17 Spurs beating the 91 Bulls in six.

In our semi-finals we have the 71 Bucks vs the 65 Celtics and the 17 Warriors vs the 17 Spurs.

In the semi-finals we had the 71 Bucks beating the 65 Celtics in six  and the 17 Warriors beating the 17 Spurs in six.

In our greatest team of all time championship we have the 71 Bucks vs the 17 Warriors.

Your best NBA team of all time is the 71 Bucks beating the Warriors in five games and your MVP of the tournament is Oscar Robertson averaging 23points-7rebounds-8assist per game.