Upcoming College Football Season (Week 1-5)

SportsQuarter’s team has put together featured games every week that they will cover each week of the college football season to give our fans the most exclusive NCAAF experience.

Here is the Schedule for the weeks 1-5 of the College Football season…


Week 1: 9/2/17

3:00 – South Carolina at North Carolina State

3:30 – Florida at Michigan

7:30 – Purdue at Louisville

8:00 – Alabama at Florida State


Week 2: 9/9/17

3:30 – Penn State at Pittsburgh

7:00 – Auburn at Clemson

7:30 – Notre Dame at Georgia

7:30 – Oklahoma at Ohio State


Week 3: 9/16/17

12:00 – Memphis at UCLA

3:30   –  Florida at Tennessee

3:30   – Louisville at Clemson

8:00   – Miami at Florida State


Week 4: 9/23/17

TBA – Boston College at Clemson

TBA – Baylor at Oklahoma

TBA – Kentucky at Florida

8:00 – Michigan State at Notre Dame


Week 5: 9/30/17

TBA – Mississippi State at Auburn

TBA – Virginia Tech at Clemson

TBA – Ole Miss at Alabama

TBA – Georgia at Tennessee

Author : Graeme Simpson @sportsquarters @SQNCAAF @simmoSQ


SportsQuarters Podcast

The very first SQ Podcast is up for every one to see on YouTube!!


New Look for SQ

Filming tomorrow, The first ever podcast featuring Graeme Simpson  and Daylan Rappley. They will cover all aspects from sports to pop-culture. SportsQuarters will drop it Thursday on their YouTube Channel. We will leave a link so you guys can watch it. The show will be produced by the SchochBrothers™, Who have recently been working with SQ. We hope we have great support from you guys so we can make many more. The channel with updated almost every week. When updates we will certainly let you guys know. The first episode will have interviews with NFL analyst Phillip Byrd and Hampton Schoch.

Author – Graeme Simpson



With the NBA draft coming up in a week here is my mock draft.With the First Pick in the NBA draft the Philadelphia 76ers select…

76ers 1. Markelle Fultz PG (Washington)

Lakers 2. De’Aaron Fox PG (Kentucly)

Celtics 3. Josh Jackson SF (Kansas)

Suns 4. Lonzo Ball PG (UCLA)

Kings 5. Jayson Tatum SF (Duke)

Magic 6. Lauri Markannen PF (Arizona)

Timberwolves 7. Jonathan Issac SF (Florida State)

Knicks 8. Malik Monk SG (Kentucky)

Mavericks 9. Dennis Smith PG (NC State)

Kings 10. Frank Ntilinka PG (France)

Hornets 11. Luke Kennard SG (Duke)

Pistons 12. Donovan Mithcell SG (Louisville)

Nuggets 13. Justin Jackson SF (North Carolina)

Heat 14. Harry Giles PF (Duke)

Trail Blazers 15. OG Anunboy SF (Indiana)

Bulls 16. Zach Collins C (Gonzaga)

Bucks 17. Jarrett Allen C (Texas)

Pacers 18. John Collins PF (Wake Forest)

Hawks 19. Ike Anigbogu PF (UCLA)

Trail Blazers 20. TJ Leaf PF (UCLA)

Thunder 21. Terrance Ferguson SG (Australia)

Nets 22. Alec Peters PF (Valparaiso)

Raptors 23. Justin Patton C (Creighton)

Jazz 24. Caleb Swanigan PF (Purdue)

Magic 25. Isaiah Hartenstein PF (Lithuania)

Trail Blazer 26. Bam Adebayo C (Kentucky)

Nets 27. Kyle Kuzma SF (Utah)

Lakers 28. Tony Bradley PF (North Carolina)

Spurs 29. Josh Hart SG (Villanova)

Jazz 30. Frank Jackson SG (Duke)

Author:Daylan Rappley

NBA Mock

The official 2017 Mock NBA Draft of NBA SQ analyst Graeme Simpson for the upcoming draft.
1. 76ers – Markelle Fultz – PG – Washington
2. Lakers – Lonzo Ball – PG – UCLA
3. Celtics – Josh Jackson – SF – Kansas
4. Suns – De’Aaron Fox – PG – Kentucky
5. Kings – Jason Tatum – SF – Duke
6. Magic – Johnathan Issac – PF – Louisville
7. Wolves – Lauri Markkenekan – C – Arizona
8. Knicks – Dennis Smith Jr. – PG – NC State
9. Mavericks – Malik Monk – SG – Kentucky
10. Kings – Mitchell Donavan – SG – Louisville
11. Hornets – Frank Ntilikina – PG – France
12. Pistons – Justin Jackson – SF – UNC
13. Nuggets – Jarret Allen – C – Texas
14. Heat – Luke Kennard – SG – Duke
15. Blazers – Zach Collins – C – Gonzaga
16. Bulls – O.G. Anunoby – PF – Indiana
17. Bucks – Justin Patton – C – Creighton
18. Pacers – John Collins – PF – Wake Forest
19. Hawks – T. J Leaf – PF – UCLA
20. Blazers – Harry Giles – C – Duke
21. Thunder – D.J. Wilson – PF – Michigan
22. Nets – Anzejs Pasecniks – C – Latvia
23. Raptors – Ike Anigbogu – C – UCLA
24. Jazz – Semi Ojeleye – F – SMU
25. Magic – Juwun Evans – PG – Oklahoma State
26. Blazers – Terrance Ferguson – SG – Australia
27. Nets – Isaiah Hartenstein – PF – Germany
28. Lakers – Josh Hart – PG – Villanova
29. Spurs – Jonah Bolden – PF – UCLA/Australia
30. Jazz – Jordan Bell – PF – Oregon

Author – Graeme SimpsonIMG_0880

Odell Beckham’s Contract


The main question Giants fans are asking is, what is going on with Odell Beckham Jr. Reports say that Odell has not shown up for any of the Giants OTA workouts and prefers to workout on his own. But could this be contract relatable? To be honest, it probably is. Odell is wanting to replace his rookie contract with one that increases his income. Stats show Obj. is the 45th highest paid wide receiver in the league. But Beckham still has two years left on his contract, which is scheduled to pay him $1.7 million this season and more than $8 million in 2018 after the Giants picked up his fifth year option earlier this offseason. The highest paid wide receiver in 2017 is the Steelers Antonio Brown. Earning $17 million every year for four years. Odell’s contract is garbage compared to Antonio’s. But when you look at Odell’s performance last season and how many drops he had you can see why he isn’t getting paid as much as the explosive Antonio Brown. That’s why I think Odell is not showing up for OTA is contract related.

Phillip Byrd-SportsQuarters

Best NBA team of all time

imageHere at SportsQuarters we are doing a tournament to see who the best NBA team of all time is using NBA 2k17. We have the 95-96 Bulls vs 00-01 Lakers, 85-86 Celtics vs 16-17 Warriors, 90-91 Lakers vs 16-17 Spurs, 88-89 Pistons vs 76-77 76ers, 90-91 Bulls vs 97-98 Bulls, 70-71 Bucks vs 71-72 Lakers, 86-87 Lakers vs 92-93 Bulls, and the 93-94 Rockets vs 64-65 Celtics.

In round 1 the 95-96 Bulls win in six. The 64-65 Celtics win in five games. The 71 Bucks win in four. The 89 Pistons win in five. The 17 Warriors swept the 86 Celtics. The 87 Lakers win in six. The 91 Bulls win in six and the Spurs win in six games.

In round two we have the 96 Bulls vs the 65 Celtics, 89 Pistons vs 71 Bucks, 87 Lakers vs 17 Warriors, and the 91 Bulls vs the 17 Spurs

The results from round two are the 65 Celtics beating the 96 Bulls in five games, the 71 Bucks sweeping the 89 Pistons, that 17 Warriors beating the 87 Lakers in five and the 17 Spurs beating the 91 Bulls in six.

In our semi-finals we have the 71 Bucks vs the 65 Celtics and the 17 Warriors vs the 17 Spurs.

In the semi-finals we had the 71 Bucks beating the 65 Celtics in six  and the 17 Warriors beating the 17 Spurs in six.

In our greatest team of all time championship we have the 71 Bucks vs the 17 Warriors.

Your best NBA team of all time is the 71 Bucks beating the Warriors in five games and your MVP of the tournament is Oscar Robertson averaging 23points-7rebounds-8assist per game.